Upon hearing the phrase "gluten free," most assume eating is restrictive and a hassle. Common associations with eating gluten free include the idea that one must stop eating the things they love or go on a "diet"; their lives become challenged and defined by two words. This concept is far from the truth, yet a belief many hold.

To Be Gluten Free is to simply remove gluten from one's diet in order to avoid the symptoms of a gluten sensitivity, allergy, or Celiac Disease. While the advantages of being gluten free are most obvious among those with an intolerance, a gluten free regimen can be beneficial for anyone. Removing gluten from one's diet has been shown to reduce headaches, ease digestion, increase energy, and more (be sure to consult with a medical professional before making major dietary changes). It is healthy for the mind and body, and due to increased awareness and product availability, becoming easier to do.

To Be Gluten Free is to be conscious of the effects certain foods and ingredients have on one's body. It is to nourish oneself in the most healthy, comfortable, and individual way.  It is to eat anything and everything, just modified or adjusted. It is to experiment and personalize food, or create new recipes. It is to indulge in cookies, cupcakes, and pastries or savor a classic grilled cheese sandwich. It is to eat what one wants, what makes them happy, and most importantly, what makes them feel their absolute best.

My hope for To Be Gluten Free is to communicate that following a gluten free diet is by no means a "diet" and that it is possible to simultaneously enjoy a variety of foods, cuisines, and delicacies. With pictures, restaurant reviews, recipes, and helpful resources, To Be Gluten Free serves as a platform in which I share the endless possibilities eating gluten free holds; I aim to exemplify that the only restriction is avoiding gluten and nothing more.

In addition, To Be Gluten Free is a pop-up bakery and catering service. I sell an array of products and fulfill personal orders/requests. Cooking and baking gluten free is a learning process, and while I am still figuring it out myself, distributing my goods spreads awareness about being gluten free and fills the void that is accessible gluten free food. Being able to buy a quality chocolate chip cookie in the store or at the farmer's market is a rare privilege for gluten free eaters; my products are intended to turn this privilege into a common event, and do so deliciously. 

To Be Gluten Free is growing everyday and remains rooted within my personal beliefs. With that being said, however, apply the phrase "To Be Gluten Free" to your life and personalize what it means to you: 

To Be Gluten Free, indulgently.

To Be Gluten Free, healthily. 

To Be Gluten Free, deliciously.